Large scale landscaping in London, Brighton & the South East

At Parker & Son, the landscaping service we offer is catered towards large scale private and commercial projects, such as the construction of hahas and the installation of roadways across fields.

Before work is started, landscaping design and a survey of the land is of paramount importance in ensuring the landscaping project goes off without a hitch. At Parker & Son, our in house design team will liaise with you in order to meet your requirements as perfectly as possible.

Being aware of the surrounding environment as well as the style and era of the properties we’re working with is also vital in order to retain the overall ambiance of the property. With our years of experience and numerous satisfied customers, Parker and Son ensure perfect landscaping for your property.

Landscaping as part of a larger project
As a firm with the capabilities to undertake all facets of any given building or refurbishment project, Parker & Son can encompass landscaping design into your building or renovation project.

Previous projects we’ve undertaken include flat conversions for communities requiring large scale driveways, roadways for new build gated communities and pathways through multi-acre fields.

If your building project requires landscaping as part of the construction or renovation, then speak to us about a design consultation today.

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