The refurbishment of any property, commercial or domestic, calls for an expert approach from the very beginning and structural analysis is particularly important for larger projects.

At Parker & Son we’ll undertake each and every aspect of the refurbishment process, from the initial structural surveys and architectural planning, to the finishing touches.

Whether you need minor work such as painting and decorating, or substantial alterations such as moving a load-bearing wall, our craftsmen will undertake each and every job, completing it to the high standards that we’ve been setting since the 1930s.

Conservation work on listed buildings
At Parker & Son, conservation work on listed and non-listed buildings is one of our strengths.

Conservation work can be tricky, so experience and expertise in the field is a necessity.

The conservation building team at Parker & Son have restored everything from churches and chapels, to houses and halls, all with the care and attention required of such technical, time-consuming work.

If you’ve got a building conservation project in London, Brighton or the South East, we’d be more than happy to hear about it.

Other services include